As a business owner and/or a property service contractor the onus is on you to maintain the required level and appropriate on-site systems regarding workplace health and safety. 

Our workplace kits have been purposefully designed to assist you with meeting your health and safety requirements.  We know you often work at many sites in a single work day.  And at each of those sites you are required to meet your health and safety obligations.

That’s why our Kits were designed to be highly transportable.  With our Safety Work Kits you can provide a clear evidence trail to show you are taking care of workplace health and safety wherever you are working.

Tradesmen Health and Safety kits

Your Health and Safety Requirements

Health and Safety is a key requirement for any property service contractor.  At each of your different work sites, your health and safety obligations must always be addressed.  If you are not sure of them, here they are in their most basic form:

  • You must manage your hazards.
  • You must have an emergency plan.
  • You must record and report all notifiable events.
  • You must provide inductions.
  • You must provide regular health and safety training.
  • You must look after visitors, contractors and passersby.

Our Safety Work Kits are designed to help you address these legal obligations.

Our Workplace Safety Kits and Services | Supplied Throughout New Zealand

Our Wellington based business supplies and supports businesses throughout New Zealand. 

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