Health and Safety kits

Wouldn't it be good if nothing ever went wrong at work?  But the reality is, accidents do happen.

As a business owner or a contractor ask yourself:

  • How would you cope with an accident at your workplace?
  • Could you, or your business, stand a prosecution and conviction as a result?

A workplace accident can cause a lot more than just physical pain and suffering.  A conviction can cost a lot of money, and cause stress over a long period of time.  Add in lawyers fees, and an anxious wait leading up to a court appearance, and it's no wonder businesses can fail under the strain.

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Exposure to this Risk?

Well, you can't take out insurance against it, the law won't let you.  The only way to avoid a serious penalty is by showing that you have addressed your health and safety obligations at your work sites.

Our Health and Safety Work Kits are designed specifically for property service contractors; and they will help you do that!

Whether you are a commercial cleaner, domestic cleaner, carpet cleaner, pest control technician, lawn mowing contractor, gardening contractor, handyman, plumber, electrician, glazier, or any other building maintenance tradesman, we have a Safety Work Kit specifically for you.

Our Safety Work Kits give you and your client peace of mind, by showing a clear trail of health and safety activity, which significantly reduces the risk of prosecution and conviction if someone gets hurt at work; whether it’s you, your employee, or a passerby.

If you would like further information about our workplace safety kits please Contact Us.