Health and Safety work kits folder

Our health and safety work kits contain a set of basic ‘tools’ which allow you to clearly demonstrate that you are addressing your health and safety obligations at each work site. Most importantly, our workplace safety kits provide simple and practical tools to assist you with meeting your health and safety requirements.

Each of our 4 specialist kits has been developed specifically for each key property service contractor group:

  • CleenSafe Kit: For commercial cleaners, carpet technicians, window cleaners, domestic cleaners.
  • TrimSafe Kit: For lawn mowing contractors, gardening contractors.
  • PestSafe Kit: For pest control technicians.
  • SelectSafe Kit: For plumbers, electricians, glaziers, installers, servicemen, handymen.

Our Health and Safety Work Kits | Contents

Our Health and Safety Work Kits include:

  • Health & Safety Policy: This key policy document conveys and informs your clients (and other interested parties), that you know what your health and safety responsibilities are, along with your promise to address them in a prompt and effective manner.
  • Emergency Plan: Each Kit contains a clear and easy to read document, instructing people in the area about what should be done in an emergency.
  • Induction & Training Information: This section includes reminders for yourself and others of your health and safety responsibilities, using easy-to-understand pictures and text.
  • Training Forms: Including Job Safety Analysis & Risk Assessment Form, Employee Induction & Training Records, Health & Safety Meeting Records
  • Hazard Register: This all-in-one register includes a list of Hazards, their Effects and Controls.
  • Notifiable Event Report & Investigation Forms: These necessary forms are a critical component of all health and safety systems.
  • Hazards Notice: Our highly visible Hazards Notice is mounted on an ‘A’ frame board to warn passersby of common hazards. NB: For the TrimSafe Kit the notice is mounted on a 450mm orange cone (and not an ‘A’ frame board as this is more suitable for the various external conditions).
  • Care Card: An induction card carried conveniently in your pocket for quick and easy use.
  • Unsafe Card: For attaching to equipment that has become unsafe and/or is in need of repair.
  • All the above items are also available as an APP that can be installed on your smart phone and desktop computer and used while on site.

For more information about our Safety Work Kits or to order your Kit/s please Contact Us.

For training on the use of our Kits and resources for download, refer to our Training and Resources page.