All prices below exclude GST and freight.

Safety Work Kits

Safety work kits

All our Safety Work Kits are just $150.00 (excl. GST & freight). 

This includes:

  • CleenSafe Work Kit (including ‘A’ frame Hazards Notice Board)
  • PestSafe Work Kit (including ‘A’ frame Hazards Notice Board)
  • SelectSafe Work Kit (including ‘A’ frame Hazards Notice Board)
  • TrimSafe Work Kit (including 450mm orange cone Hazards Notice Board)

With each Safety Work Kit we include our ongoing assistance, plus information and support for the next 12-month period.  After the first 12 months an annual subscription fee of $50.00 (plus GST) enables you to retain your membership with Safety Work Kits.

Additional Individual Work Kit Items

Extra ‘A’ Frame Signboards with Hazards Stickers        $40.00
Extra Orange Cone (450mm) with Hazards Stickers      $40.00
Extra Hazards Notice Stickers (pair)                            $15.00
Extra Care Cards                                                        $5.00
Extra Unsafe Cards                                                     $5.00

Supply New Zealand-wide

We supply our workplace health and safety products and services throughout New Zealand.

For more information about our workplace safety kits or services, or to order your Kit/s please Contact Us.