Our Safety Work Kits | Simple and Practical

Our Safety Work Kits contain a comprehensive set of ‘tools’ which allow you to clearly and effectively demonstrate and undertake your health and safety obligations.  With simple, clear, and concise information you will easily understand your requirements and on-site practices for maintaining safe working conditions at each work site.

Our Safety Work Kits | Full and Comprehensive

Our Health and Safety Work Kits include core health and safety components all developed for New Zealand’s conditions.  Each kit is customised and tailored to meet the requirements of each property service contractor group.

All our Safety Work Kits are compact, easy to move, and are designed for use at any work site.

Our Safety Work Kits | With Ongoing Support and Advice

As registered members for any one of our four Safety Work Kits you receive support and advice over the coming 12-month period.  In addition, and as part of ongoing support service you will receive:

  • Assistance with any health and safety issue that may arise.
  • A regular bi-monthly newsletter with information on a wide range of health and safety matters, reminders, and safety tips.

Our Safety Work Kits | Very Affordable

Our Safety Work Kits are very affordable and individual kit items can be separately purchased.  All our Safety Work Kits are just $150.00 (excl GST & freight).

  • All our standard kits include assistance, information and support for the next 12-month period.
  • In the following years it could cost you as little as $50.00 (excl GST) per work kit in use, to continue to receive regular information, assistance and support.

For more information about our prices and individual kit items please view Our Pricing page.

For any Work Site | Supplied Throughout New Zealand

  • Our Work Safety Kits are designed to be used at a wide range of work sites.  Depending on your type of business, you may need a work kit for each major site, van, or team of workers. 
  • We supply our workplace health and safety Work Kits throughout New Zealand.

For more information about our Safety Work Kits or to order your Kit/s please Contact Us.